Service and support

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Career searching

In career searching, you find advertisements from companies and organisations that seek students.

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Completion of Studies Ceremony

Mid Sweden University and the Student Unions in Sundsvall and Östersund welcome students who will complete their studies this term to the graduation ceremony!

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Equal rights

Everybody should feel motivated and welcome to work and study at Mid Sweden University.

Blanketter och mallar

Forms and templates

On this page you will find forms regarding admission, study leave, credit transfer and more.

Internationella studenter, G-huset, Östersund

International Relations Office

The International Relations Office provides service and support to international students at Mid Sweden University.


IT Services

Here you will find information and help related to IT issues and primarily directed towards students at Mid Sweden University.

Biblioteket Östersund

Library services

The library will help you. Here you see their services.

Welcome to our Service centre

Here, you will find the answers to your questions ranging from practical enquiries to concerns about your studies or student finances. We can help you find your syllabus, the right room or help you get a new access card. Whether you are a student, employee or temporary visitor, you can turn to us. We are here to help you!

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Special support for students with disabilities

For students with disabilities who need special support to complete their studies, Mid Sweden University offers additional support.

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Student Health Centre

The Student Health Centre provides preventive health care for students at Mid Sweden University and is a complement to the public health care system. If you are sick and need to see a doctor you should contact the Public Health Centre.

Student unions

On both campuses within Mid Sweden University, there are student unions to look after your interests regarding both your education and the social aspects of student life. Student unions are organisations of students for students. They exist to represent your interests and ensure you receive a good education.

Work and career

The aim of the External Relations department at Mid Sweden University is to introduce students to the labour market already during their studies. This is a great possibility for students to connect with possible future employers in Sweden.