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On this page you will find news and information from Mid Sweden University, collected under the tag CELLULOSE. This page is created based on the tag you clicked to get here.

There are 25 English pages and 9 Swedish pages that are tagged with CELLULOSE. The content may vary depending on language.

International project meeting in plasticized nanocellulose

The project members and partner companies of the research project Plasticized nanocellulose cellulose composites gathered at Mid Sweden University.  The...

Peter is a new researcher in organic chemistry at Mid Sweden University

In August 2019, Peter Immerzeel started as researcher in organic chemistry at the department of Chemical Engineering, FSCN research centre, Mid...

Bruno Medronho new Visiting Professor in FSCN

Bruno Medronho is a new visiting professor at FSCN research centre. Bruno is an assistant researcher at Plant Biotechnology laboratory of the University...

Treesearch Progress

On May 7-8 2019 we participated in Treesearch Progress at Vildmarkshotellet in Kolmården. Birgitta Engberg, Kaarlo Niskanen, Thomas Öhlund,...

  • FMPRS seminar in Norrköping

    08 April - 2019

    On April 2-4 we arranged the 11th Fundamental Mechanical Pulp Research seminar in Norrköping together with our partner companies ÅF, Valmet, Holmen...

  • Jan Erling Bäckvall new Visiting Professor in FSCN

    19 March - 2019

    Jan-Erling Bäckvall, professor in Organic Chemistry at Stockholm University since 1997, is new visiting professor in FSCN research centre, Mid...

  • Alf de Ruvo Scholarship for Amanda Mattsson

    05 February - 2019

    Amanda Mattsson has been awarded the Alf de Ruvo scholarship of 500 000 SEK for her work on Characterisation of time-dependent, statistical failure...

  • Blåbärssoppa och glass på SM-veckan

    25 January - 2019

    Under SM veckan bjöd vi på varm blåbärssoppa, mjukglass och päronsorbet gjord på flytande kväve i vår monter. Våra besökare fick också testa att...

  • Listen to lastest research results from FSCN on Youtube

    08 November - 2018

    Six of our researchers in FSCN research centre presented their research results on Science & Innovation Day 2018. Here you can see short movies when they a...

  • Treesearch Science Fair in Stockholm

    01 June - 2018

    Treesearch arranged a Science Fair on May 31, 2018 in Stockholm. Nassima El Miri, Rana Alimohammadzadeh and Lisa Goclik joined the Fair and presented...

  • FSCN and FORIC on Gröna Lund

    23 May - 2018

    On May 22 we gathered with partner companies and colleagues in the conference SPCI and Friends on Gröna Lund, Stockholm. Gröna Lund Amanda Mattsson and Nic

  • Biobased cellulose for future needs

    02 May - 2018

    Malin From is industrial PhD student in FORIC research school at FSCN research centre Mid Sweden University. She is working on regeneration of cellulose...

  • FORIC start for new PhD Students

    14 February - 2018

    On February 8-9 2018 our new PhD students in FORIC gathered with their supervisors to start their research projects. The new PhD students are Malin Fro...

  • Mid Sweden University becomes partner in Treesearch

    10 January - 2018

    Mid Sweden University becomes a core partner in Treesearch, a platform for collaboration on research and competence building in the field of new materials...

  • The paper that is not afraid of water

    13 December - 2017

    You have probably heard a great many alarming reports about gigantic "garbage patches" in the seas and oceans, bags that end up in the natural environment...

  • Cellulose replaces plastic in future packaging materials

    12 December - 2017

    RISE PFI, Mid Sweden University and MoRe Research are the main actors of the newly launched Interreg project PlastiCel. The project aims to...

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